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  • Maya Shabat

TAUMUN, Alone or together?

Pay attention! Your country is next. What are you going to do? What are you going to say?

At this moment, when we are standing there all alone, and our knees are a little shaky ... We are not entirely alone. We have a strong, steady back behind us. The lessons we went through, and all our friends and experiences are there with us. it straightens our back a bit. We are not really alone.

It's no secret that MUN is a solo game. However, I went out to see what causes us in TAUMUN, to perhaps, feel otherwise.

Firstly, the difference between TAUMUN and other societies, is in diversity, in our seniority and in our size. This is also the advantage of our society. The diverse human encounter offers us opportunities for new friends and learning experience that would otherwise not exist. We meet the world, even before we start our research.

Seniority provides stability and confidence. We have the knowledge that there is experience, learning from past mistakes, and there is someone to rely on. It happens internally, within the society, but also between different societies- there is a sense of group advantage that unites us immediately, because who does not like to be the best?

When the society members were asked what TAUMUN meant for them, the vast majority gave answers between "the possibility of learning" and "the peak of the semester" and up to "family." There is a feeling, even among the newcomers among us, that we are building a group that does things together. Whether it is intensive meetings every week, or whether it is conferences (in Israel and abroad), social activities etc, Joint doing leads to a sense of partnership.

Following a conversation with Lea, TAUMUN Chairwoman, I realized that it was a goal to create a family feeling. But the truth is that it came to me much earlier. From the moment of refreshment at the opening, to the smiles and acceptance of the different.

Personally, I was not sure MUN was the place for me. I had doubts, and I still have them. At the same time, the attention and the acceptance I received from anyone who had seen the doubtful look in my eyes, was heartwarming. And even more, I got the feeling that it was important that I find my place and do what I love to do, (like for example, writing). It gave me the impression that, with all the differences between us, everyone would have a place, a little like a family. So, are we alone in this? There are times when we are. But even then, there is always someone to rely on. In Lea's words, "the group can empower the individual we are". And in mine- Our togetherness is what gives us the strength to stand alone.

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