Meet The Board


Yael Shabi

Co-Head of Academics

I study Law and Philosophy and will be going into my second year at Tel Aviv University and TAUMUN. I joined TAUMUN in her first year and it was certainly love at first sight! I also participated in an international MUN conference as part of the delegation to LIMUN 2020. I am very excited to be a board member this year! With a great passion for the society I wish to share this passion and knowledge to current and future members of the amazing society. Even the Corona won’t brake TAUMUN 2020/2021 so get ready!


Patricia Solomon

Co-Head of Academics

I study Hebrew and English literature and this will be my second year in TAUMUN. I have participated in various MUN activities within the society and was part of the delegation to LIMUN last February. I joined our society in hopes of making new friends But along the way also found multiple topics of interest she hadn't known existed, and also a whole new connection to the subjects she is encountering during her studies. Now, I can't wait to introduce the same experiences to this year's new members!


Hilli Shalev

I am starting my MA studies in Diplomacy after completing my BA studies in political science and communications, and this will be my 3rd year in TAUMUN. I have participated in several conferences in Israel and abroad, and previously held the position of USG of socials in TLVMUN.

Now, I am super excited for this upcoming year in the society as the Chairwoman of the board and I'm looking forward to another amazing, fun and award-winning year in TAUMUN.


Tomer Adoram

I am a third-year student in Tel Aviv University - studying Political Science and Communications and this will be my third-year in TAUMUN as well. During my time in the society, I held the role of TLVMUN 2020's Secretary-General, and also participated in several national and international MUN conferences, gaining new experiences, adventures, and good friends.

Model UN has been my passion since starting University and I am very honored to continue this journey as the President of the TAUMUN Society.

I wish our society and partners an amazing and unforgettable year. 


Einav Galil

Head of Operations

 I am a second year B.A student for theater and cinema stage design in TAU's faculty of arts, and this will be my second year in TAUMUN's society. During my first year in TAUMUN I had the amazing chance to be apart of a delegation to a large international confrence, and took part in the TLVMUN secratariat as USG of human resources. 

I am very excited for this upcoming academic year in the society, and can't wait to carry out all the great plans we have in-storage.

 I look forward to this amazing experience and I wish our society a fruitful and unforgettable year. 


Liz Vines

Head of Marketing

I am a third-year B.A student at Tel Aviv University studying Political Science, and this will be my second-year in TAUMUN. During this amazing year, I have attended national conferences, I took part in several lessons and socials at the society, and most importantly TAUMUN has given me amazing friendships and many great memories.

Model UN has been my passion during my second year at the university and I am very honored to continue this journey as the head of marketing of the TAUMUN Society.

I wish to pass my love and passion for MUN, and to ensure that all of you have the best time in the society!