Meet The Board

Ariel Risman

Head of Academics

 I study Middle Eastern Studies and Communications and will be going into my second year at Tel Aviv University and TAUMUN. Originally from London, and New Jersey, now I live and falled in love with both the lifestyle and city of Tel Aviv. TAUMUN has given me amazing friendships with many memories both abroad and in Israel. With a great passion for the society I wish to share this passion and knowledge to current and future members of the amazing society. 

Avital Stern

Head of Marketing

I study B.A in Political Science and will begin my second year in the University and a second year member of TAUMUN. During this amazing year I have attended conferences both national and international as a delegate, I took part as the Socials Project Manager, and most importantly being part of the secretariat for TLVMUN18 as the Social Event Coordinator. I wish to pass my love and passion for MUN, and to unsure that all of you have the best time in the society!

Shir Aviel
Chairwoman of the board

I am starting my third-year in Political Science, and my first year in MA studies in International Relations. My journey in Model United Nation began in 2017, when I first joined the society as a delegate, and it didn't take long until I fell in love in what MUN offers as a program, and with what TAUMUN offers as a society. In the past two years I delegated and Chaired in conferences in Israel and Europe, and previously held the the position of Head of Academics. I couldn't be more excited to start my third-year in the society as a Chairwoman of the board and I'm looking forward to another amazing year in TAUMUN.

Assaf Oren

I am a third-year student in Tel Aviv University - studying Political Science and Communications and this will be my third-year in TAUMUN as well. I had participated in numerous MUN conferences, seven national conferences and four international conferences, both as delegate and chair and this year I had the amazing privilege of being the Secretary General of TLVMUN! 

Model UN has been my passion since starting University and I am very honored to continue this journey as the President of the TAUMUN Society.

I look forward for this amazing experience and

I wish our society and partners a fruitful and unforgettable year. 

Meet The Project Managers

Rona Tal
 Project Manager

I study B.A in middle-eastern studies and will begin my second year in the University & in TAUMUN. I participated in several conferences the past year and had the amazing pleasure to get to know what MUN is all about - personal development, making friends and amazing time. Looking forward to pass it to the next TAUMUN generation! Xoxo

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